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Let’s start your exciting new fitness journey together.

I want to help everyone I work with find joy in movement and become a happier, healthier and stronger human.


Feel free to reach out for a chat to see how I can support you in reaching your goals.

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Investing in your physical and mental health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A Personal Trainer is beneficial too...

  • Motivate you, guide you, challenge you and hold you accountable.


  • Set goals and create a strategy to achieve them.

  • Create a unique plan and programme that is right for your goals and your body. Not a cookie cutter workout routine but truly personalised for the best results.

  • Make sure you have the right form and technique for optimal training and injury prevention.

  • Empower you and build your knowledge of fitness, movement and your body.


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Personal training
koha fitness

I offer personal training sessions at Koha Fitness on Hereford Street. The gym has amazing facilities and an incredibly friendly and welcoming community atmosphere! 

My approach is to get you moving in a way that is right for your unique body and in a way that you enjoy so you build a happy, healthy and lasting relationship with fitness and movement.

I look at your whole lifestyle and create a programme that is truly bespoke to you and your goals.

I offer a free 60 min consultation so we can chat more about you, your goals and needs before you commit to any sessions.

Reach out and let's have a chat!

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group PT sessions offer higher quality training than group fitness classes at an affordable price and in a fun, social atmosphere.

Free consultation.

8 Week Blocks.

6 people max per session.

      Benefits of Small Group PT..

  •  Individual coaching on form and technique.

  • A programme designed for your goals and needs.

  • Social atmosphere, sense of community and accountability.

6 Week Programme

Free 45 minute consultation.


6 Week Personalised programme- specifically designed for your unique body, your goals and what you enjoy.

1 hour PT session to run through the programme.

I want you to get the absolute best out of the programme so writing it and sending you on your way is not my style. 

We take an hour to go through each exercise, work on form and technique to make sure you are working safely and effectively. I then make any changes needed.

You'll get your personalised plan on an app that makes your workouts super easy to follow with visuals for each exercise and ways to track progress. 

Check in sessions can be scheduled every 2 or 3 weeks so you can make sure you get the most out your programme!

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