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So let me let you in on a secret….I haven’t always been into fitness. Up until 5 years ago I felt terrified of the gym, didn’t feel like I belonged, thought fitness was all about biceps and abs and just didn’t feel I would ever ‘fit’ in that world.


After some big life changes I decided that the best thing I could do for my mental as well as physical health was to start working out and I am so thankful I did and have never looked back! I am so grateful I found movement and for all the benefits its brought my mind, body and soul- t’s this passion that made me become a personal trainer.


Fitness is about so much more than how our bodies look. My motivation started and continues to be to take care of my mind and body, but gaining fitness and strength has unlocked so many wonderful experiences for me. I have done 100km kayaking trip in remote Greenland through icebergs and glaciers, done trekking and rafting in the Amazon, hiked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, been ice climbing in Lapland, kayaking the Norwegian Fjords and the list goes on!


Our bodies are amazing and what they can do and where they can take us is truly incredible. Movement is for everyone. 


So come join me today and lets reach your potential!


Level 4 Master Personal Trainer Diploma

Train Fitness London

Performance Breathing Coach


Functional Mobility 

Functional Training Institute

Movement for Mental Health

Fitness Network Australia

First Aid Trained

St Johns

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