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Don't take my word for it...see what my clients have to say!



I was really nervous about working with a personal trainer. I hadn't exercised in ages and was feeling a bit lost generally in life. After nearly three months of PT sessions with Elise I can absolutely say I have fallen in love with working out again. I have seen huge progress in my strength and overall fitness, but more importantly I feel like I have so much of a better relationship with my body.

Elise gets results. But she also brought so many benefits I didn't except. I know a lot more about how to take care of my health generally including nutrition and recovery.

I have more energy, better sleep, I am stronger and healthier than when I started. I feel good again!

Personal training is an investment, but boy is it worth it for the returns you get.



Elise has been a wonderful personal trainer working 1:1 with me helping me find workouts I enjoy and navigating the several injuries I had with no hesitation. Her expertise shine through and sessions with her make working out so enjoyable!


I attended the Wellbeing Workout event run by Elise at Healthy Self Yoga Studio and was blown away by her leadership skills and designing a workout that was holistic and very rewarding ranging from meditation, breathwork, stretching and full body strengthening exercises. It was fun and would definitely attend more of Elise's events. Will miss our sessions when she moves!


Danielle Poyzner

Elise is super friendly and approachable. She completely put me at ease right from day one!

I love her approach. It's really refreshing to work with someone who values overall health and well being. I didn't think I would ever be someone who enjoyed exercise but can safely say I now don't know how I would be without it! 

Elise has helped me create lots of healthy habits around exercise and nutrition that have been, quite honestly, transformative.

Thanks so much Elise!



I came to Elise for a few sessions, because I was feeling unmotivated and had fallen out of love with exercise. A few sessions turned in to 8 weeks. Elise provided excellent sessions ensuring that the exercises were challenging, yet achievable.


There was the right level of variety in sessions, keeping them fun and interesting. Elise corrected my form, adapted the session in accordance to my energy levels and encouraged me, enabling me to thoroughly enjoy our 45 minutes. I enjoy exercise again, and feel stronger and fitter!



I finally decided enough was enough and I needed to get fitter and take better care of myself. I sure found the right personal trainer for the job! I have loved seeing the changes in what my body can do and how much stronger I got in my sessions with her.

I feel empowered. Elise didn't just work on my fitness goals she guided and educated me about health, nutrition and mental well being so now I feel I have what I need to keep things up.



I indulged in once weekly PT sessions with Elise. We did a fitness test at the beginning and again after 8 weeks. There were 4 drills in the test and we saw a 35-40% increase in my results and I’m still stunned by that. Not that she (or me apparently) isn’t capable. It was the ease that I felt in the sessions that made the results so remarkable to me.


I’ve been so impressed by the depth of knowledge she possesses about physiology (mind and body). And she guides without a single mention of appearance, fat burning, muscle gain. It’s just about movement, being present and being thankful for our bodies in whatever form they may be. I’m so grateful for that.


I absolutely love her approach; it’s incredibly uplifting and peaceful.



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