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What do i offer

Add on’s to your PT session


If you are interested in doing breath work you can choose to add a 15 minute session on before or after your workout. I recommend adding to the end if you are looking to explore more relaxation techniques.


We can have a chat before about which areas you may like to work on and create a programme personalised to you.

If you're curious to see what this involves I offer 15minutes free to all clients so just let me know if you want to give it a try.




These will be posted on my social media so give me a follow to make sure you don't miss out :).

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What I coach


  • Efficient breathing techniques for different exercises such as running and weight lifting and also optimal breathing techniques when working at different intensities.

  • Breath work to improve physical and athletic performance

  • Improving CO2 tolerance and so boosting aerobic fitness

  • Developing strength and mind muscle connection to respiratory muscles

  • Pre and Post workout breathing techniques


Well Being

  • Improving your own breathing pattern for better energy and mood day to day

  • Stress and anxiety reducing techniques

  • Mood and energy boosting techniques

  • Breathing for focus and to increase level of alertness (can be as good as a coffee for a boost!)




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