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Winter Wellness Workout

Starting 26th July in Sumner!

Let's be honest, it getting colder and darker can make exercising harder in the winter months. So I have created the Winter Wellness Workout Series to help keep people moving because I believe it's so vitally important to our physical and mental well being.

When we move we are taking care of our health, improving our energy levels, sleep and mood and reducing stress. It allows us to live our lives to their fullest potential with optimal health for mind, body and soul. 

Join me for 6 weeks. 45 min workouts once a week in a social, fun and non judgemental space. We will take a holistic and balanced approach to fitness getting you fitter, stronger and work on developing healthy habits that last well beyond our 6 weeks together.

Sign up today and you're one step closer to a brighter and healthier you!

Group Workout Session


The workout is a full body, no impact, strength and cardio workout. Uses the best tool nature gave us, our own bodyweight! Suitable for all levels I will offer variations on exercises so that everyone feels challenged.

Child's Pose


The start of the class focuses on dynamic stretches to begin and some mobility exercises. 

What is mobility? It is about taking the joints safely through their full range of motion and increasing their range of motion so they are safely and effectively prepared for your workout, and life!

Stretching at the end will be more passive and relaxing. We will focus on lengthening the soft tissues we have worked during the class.


The most powerful tool we have. A way to tap into the autonomic nervous system and change our mood, energy level and re balance our nervous systems. 

We experience life through our nervous system more than our minds, so to know we have the ability to soothe and energise it when needed is incredibly empowering.

Yoga at Home
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